Fillet Mignon

All Fillet Plates Are Served With Two Dishes or Pasta

Steak Medallions
284.99 EGP
300 gms. Three Marinated Grilled Steaks Served With Your Choice Of Sauce
Sides & Pasta

All Dishes are served with two sides or your choice of pasta: 

Creamy Spinach Pasta, Creamy White Pasta, Red Pasta

White Rice

Vegetable Rice

Mashed Potato

French Fries

Baked Potato

Sweet Corn

Spinach Gratin

Sautéed Vegetables

Sizzler Fillet Lover
547.19 EGP
(For 2 Persons) 500 gms. of Grilled Marinated Filler Served With Your Choice of Two Sauces, Four Side Dishes, And Our Special Rocca Salad

All prices are Inclusive of 14% Value Added Tax.